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About Amanda

Amanda, the Founder, and CEO of InstaPicnic & Co LLC is originally from Michigan but has called the sunshine state her home since graduating from Michigan State University with a BS in Dietetics. She currently works in the ICU at a local hospital as a dietitian. 


Her background in nutrition has made her passionate about food, and she considers herself a "foodie." She managed a local Instagram food account for multiple years and this has made her somewhat of an "influencer" in the local St. Pete food scene. She credits her attention to detail, love of food, and passion for a bohemian flair as her inspiration to create InstaPicnic & Co.


Furthermore: during the past year and everything that happened with the pandemic, she wanted to provide a way for people to remain social in a safe environment. Her background in nutrition has trained her specifically in food safety, along with infection control procedures. 


She believes she can provide a luxury boho picnic experience, while also remaining safe.

The InstaPicnic Co Experience 

We specialize in true Bohemian Luxury Picnics, that are perfect for any occasion or event. From a Romantic Date, Engagements, or Brunch with your bests! All you have to do is show up, and everything will be picnic perfect!

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